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When it comes to the issue of business in Fort Lauderdale, no one sector can even come close to what tourism has traditionally brought to the city in terms of money each year. A blog we recently came across explained that with over 260 sunshine days a year and year round highs and lows that are comfortable for anyone, Fort Lauderdale appeals to anyone looking for a range of vacation experiences.

Of course, a reliance on tourism means that a town must be able to adapt from time to time, and one of those times is now. With little or no electronic design and manufacturing activity in much of the area, the city lacks the default technological position of many other high density areas around the United States. The technology sector seems to be the one industry able to weather the current recession with little impact, but these benefits do not extend to the Fort Lauderdale area.

Fortunately, adversity within the tourist sector is something which the city has dealt with before. For two decades in the 20th century, Fort Lauderdale was a premier location for the college and university crowds during spring break each year. As prices rose to reflect this, however, the parties in the sunny city began to peter out. In order to keep the money rolling in, the city had to come up with an alternative marketing strategy.

What Fort Lauderdale did was look for a crowd which was interested in the idea of a good vacation spot, but with the money to pay for the now higher prices. They found that target demographic in the business crowd.

Today, Fort Lauderdale's tourism sector is dedicated to attracting executives and businesses of all types, from bakery owners to legal firms (with car accident lawyers working for victims) to heavy machinery operators. Many beaches include nearby conference centers and hotels, complete with board rooms where business and vacation can seamlessly combine. Internet access allows for easy use even while on the beach through wireless technology, and many hotels include brochures with guides instructing those on a business vacation on how to access the full range of services possible.

The marketing strategy of the tourist sector of the city targets specifically individuals from northern climates, both American and Canadian. Campaigns include highlights of the beautiful Florida weather, the many beaches in the area, and of course the high end services the city provides.

While the tourism sector is the most dominant in the Fort Lauderdale area, there are several other sectors of business represented here as well. Major companies including American Express, Motorola, and National Beverage Corporation all have offices and operations within city limits. As you may have noted, even these businesses do have a direct connection to the travel and tourism industry!

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