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Industry and New Employees

Fort Lauderdale has a strong economy and industry that branches into a number of different areas. The tourism industry is very successful in Fort Lauderdale, and there are approximately 10 million annual visitors to the city. This is partly because of its proximity to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, its many new hotels and condominium developments, and its reputation as a popular center for yachts and cruise ships. Fort Lauderdale also supports various other industries and businesses, such as marine, manufacturing, finance, insurance, real estate, high technology, avionics/aerospace, and film and television production.

The boating industry in this area and the rest of Broward County provides over 108,000 jobs. The other most popular areas of employment in Fort Lauderdale are accommodation and food services, health care, construction, education, and professional, scientific, and technical services.

There are also a number of companies that have made their headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, such as AutoNation, Citrix Systems, DHL Express, Spirit Airlines, and National Beverage Corporation.

The median income for a household in Fort Lauderdale in 2000 was $37,887, and the unemployment rate is 3.80%, with positive job growth.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a burgeoning job market, especially during the tourist season. With so many people flocking to the city looking for work, it can be difficult to weed the capable airline management crew members from the flock of undereducated and/or lazy applicants. Next time there's an open position in your company, use our tips to help you pick the best person for the job - the person who will not only perform well but stick around long enough to improve your bottom line.

Take Your Time

Don't wait until you're critically undermanned to start looking for new employees. If a catering company were to do that the night before they had to cater a big event, they would likely be forced to settle for flaky employees who would end up hurting their reputation. When you're in a rush or you're desperate, you can't afford to be picky, which is exactly what you need to be when the future of your company is at stake. So institute a policy wherein employees who are leaving must give you adequate notice - and then use your grace period to start looking for their replacement.

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Advertise Widely

Advertising is expensive, so it's no wonder that some companies settle for printing a tiny ad for a new business or services offered in the local paper. But you want to gather the largest possible pool of candidates and give yourself some choice, so advertise in multiple places in different forms of media. Use national websites like Workopolis to find applicants who don't even live in Fort Lauderdale yet but are willing to move if they get the job. These websites also allow you to find potential employees who are advertising themselves by posting their resumes online.

Interview Carefully

No matter how good an applicant sounds on paper, and no matter how highly they are praised by their references, never skip the interview. The interview is your chance to suss them out for compatibility, not only with you but with your company. A resume entry as a podiatrist let's say, can be faked by anyone, but real, comprehensive knowledge demonstrated during face-to-face questioning cannot. Remember also to listen to your instincts - they may be picking up on something sketchy or positive that you haven't actively noticed.

Use a Trial Period

This is less common in minimum wage jobs like retail sales and food serving but when you're hiring former attorneys for your Fort Lauderdale firm you want to give yourself an out in case it doesn't work. You don't want to be stuck paying full salary to someone unsuitable so make it clear that the first few months will be a sort of job probation, after which they'll get some job security.

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