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Targeting A Market

It's no big secret that in business, success often depends on a company's ability to target a specific market to appeal to. That market will have a natural affinity for the product or service in which the business specializes, and will be more prone to paying for that product or service.

For many years, those looking to sell their homes in the real estate industry have ignored the potential of this strategy as far as their own efforts are concerned. A home for sale may just be geared towards a specific price range, rather than a certain age and interest demographic within that range. With the housing market in its current state in some areas, however, it is perhaps time that agents and home sellers alike considered a more in depth marketing strategy. What exactly is that you ask"?

Selling a home in Fort Lauderdale means you have the ability to take advantage of several different demographics when you want to market your home. We are going to take a look at some of those markets below.

Winter Travellers

As most Florida residents are aware, some of the most likely people to buy real estate in this state are those coming from northern climates in search of a warmer place to spend the winter. Compared to January real estate up North, a home in Florida looks like a piece of heaven!

Typically, these snowbirds will be above the age of 45 or so, and generally will either have portable or seasonal occupations. Marketing a home to people from places like Toronto means finding out where they are most likely to come across that home when it is listed for sale and advertising to them directly, right there.

Real estate speculators

Another huge market as Florida homes go is the real estate speculator. Again, the glorious Florida weather and Fort Lauderdale's reputation as a playground are both big selling points here. A person who has purchased a condo far to the north in the hopes of making a profit on sale are just as likely to do so with a piece of Fort Lauderdale property.

One good strategy to use for these potential buyers is to stress the numerous ways in which the house payments could be offset. Again, Fort Lauderdale's huge tourist market can be of assistance here. Condo owners and investors might explain the need for vacation homes in Fort Lauderdale. With just a couple of guests staying each month, the mortgage on any house in Fort Lauderdale can easily be covered.


And then, of course, there is the most famous Florida demographic of all, the retirees. Many of these home owners have property both in a warmer climate (Florida) and back wherever they came from. This enables them to stay warm while still being able to keep close to their families for much of the year.

The key to appealing to a market of retirees is in earning their trust. Look for contacts within their home town, whether it is New York City, Boise, or Brampton. Real estate agents, doctors, and lawyers are all good contacts that can help you get word of your home out.

Today's real estate market calls for innovative strategies if you want to get the right price for your home. Targeting a specific market is a business strategy that is easily applied to the real estate world. Much like the group at London Ontario dentist office for instance, would target families in their local area of London looking for dental services. A real estate agent should do the same for their own target market area.

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