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Your Competition

Most people, after moving into their own home will spend some time turning it into as close to their ideal property as possible. You might start by finding one of the homes that suits your tastes and then paint the walls and redo some of the fixtures in the bathroom. Or, you could buy one of the complete fixer uppers and give it a complete makeover. When it comes to listing your home, this can mean that you want to add more value to the property than it really has. But, when you're pricing your real estate, you're really going to want to check out the other local real estate to see what your competition is.

There are many factors that go into choosing the right listing price for your home. The perfect price will usually depend on your home's location, the time of year, the state of the local economy, and the age and condition of your property. When you're working with Fort Lauderdale real estate agents, they will tell you that the key to knowing what your home is worth in the current market is to look at similar homes that have recently sold and the others that are for sale in your area.

While everyone has unique tastes, there are some things that are on most people's wish list when it comes to buying a home. People working in real estate services will tell you that they hear time and time again that people want updated kitchens and bathrooms, as many bedrooms as they can afford, some sort of outdoor space, and more people are looking for a finished basement or bonus room. You don't need to have all of these things to sell your home for a good price. But, you should know how many boxes your home checks off when compared to the others in your neighborhood. If there are four homes within a mile that do have many of these features and you only have one or two, then you might need to have a lower asking price to reflect that.

Some people want to make improvements on their home before they sell to help them compete with their competition. Your agent will tell you that major changes don't always have a positive return on investment. You can also speak with a contractor about what types of updates or renovations would be a good ROI. Can a new front door or windows really increase your home's curb appeal? Would a completed home inspection report (more information here) build confidence in potential buyers? Really consider if large improvements are going to be worth the time and effort when it comes to competing. You might find that you have a better chance of selling if you keep your home in that lower price bracket.

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